Valerie Delforge

valerie delforge2Since moving from France over 25 years ago, Valerie has dedicated her time and passion to growing up the corporate ladder in the hair and beauty industry. Valerie has worked with some of the world’s leading brands where she has developed her skills in many aspects of the business.

From working as an Area Manager for Clarins, Regional Manager for L’Occitane, Head of Spa Operations for Steiner, Spa Director for Bliss Spa and now a judge for Professional Beauty as well as British Hairdressing Business Award, she found herself wanting to share her knowledge and expertise to those in the industry which ignited the launch of Delforge + Co consulting agency in 2013 and Business Academy in 2016.

Valerie’s passion in life has always been to encourage others to not only follow their dreams but to create a plan of action in order for them to achieve their goals. She created a Business Academy where she can set people up for success. With her unique ability to adapt to each and every person that she meets, Valerie will encapsulate your vision and dreams and devise a specific operational strategy that will set you on the path to success.

Throughout the years Valerie found that not only did she have a unique eye for detail but she had a sheer love for the operational aspects of the business. In Valerie’s words, “The operations are the heart of any business”. According to Valerie, working in Operations also gives you the opportunity to analyze the budget sheet so every decision that you make becomes a financial one. Once you have devised a clear structure and you have all of your SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) in place and as a manager, you will be able to spend more time being creative in meeting the demands of your business and your employees.

Digital media marketing (DMM) has become a hobby of Valerie’s. Over the years, Valerie was fascinated with the power of digital media that made her crave to understand every aspect of DMM. After studying Digital Marketing and Social Media Management she is now able to devise unique and tailored strategy for each and every client she meets that will take their business to the next level.

Valerie created Delforge + Co with the vision that anyone can run a successful business. Through her years of experience, there is nothing Valerie has not been challenged with. She will not only empower you to on your own journey but she will support you by conducting monthly, quarterly and yearly targets that you will achieve together.


Valerie expertise lies in the following categories:

  • Global master mentoring
  • Brand advisor
  • Startup business plan
  • Time management
  • Operation management
  • Team structure support and change management
  • Budget planning and forecasting
  • Branding and rebranding
  • Digital media strategy
  • Create an engaging website
  • Management programmes
  • Train the trainers
  • Targeted and bespoke workshops


Visit her website: www.delforge.co for more information and claim your complimentary audit today!