Stephanie Simpson...

Stephanie arrived over from Melbourne in Australia looking for a challenge and to extend her knowledge in the Beauty Industry here in United Kingdom. Stephanie was passionate about skin and in particular product ingredients and how they worked simultaneously with results – so armed with her CIDESCO qualification and two years’ experience we set about trying to find the right role for her. After initially reading her cv and then meeting with Stephanie I knew the role that would be perfect for her. A client at a flagship skincare spa in London was waiting for someone like Stephanie. However, I did feel it was important to send her for a couple of interviews to give her an idea of what she was worth and more importantly where she would fit in, be happy and stay. Stephanie had 3 interviews within a week of her arriving in UK.

All three clients wanted to offer Stephanie role and she found herself in very lucky predicament. Our skin care spa was the first place Stephanie interviewed and she knew for the first time she stepped into the spa that it was the place for her…. One year later and Stephanie is still there and loving every minute.