Temporary recruitment

Why Use Spa & Beauty Connection?

We pride ourselves on how we approach temporary recruitment. Our Temporary Department is capable of supplying any spa or leisure environment with a professional, qualified employee for any work duration necessary. Who we select as a potential temporary employee represents our business so we are adamant that everyone is of top notch professionalism and expertise.

By using Spa & Beauty Connection for your temporary employee needs, you can expect the following:

  • A file pool of available employees.
  • Last minute coverage when possible.
  • Employees that can cover your needs, no matter if they’re long-term, short-term, or maternity.
  • Experienced and competent employees that won’t need extensive training for basic tasks of the industry.
  • Flexible invoicing and payment terms that work for you.
  • A distinct outside perspective on the industry that provides an invaluable source of knowledge and aptitude.

The Details You Need to Know

Our temporary recruitment service is an excellent resource that no business should live without. When you first approach us, you will have an Spa & Beauty Connection consultant assigned to your business that will work with you in many regards. This consultant will discuss your needs and prepare any quotes necessary to move forward.

We absolutely strive to provide our clients with the best staff available that fit the criteria you have given us for your temporary position. Our policy is honesty and likewise it is the best policy for any client we work with. Ideally, we want to send you one temporary employee that fits right and gets the job done on the first try. Help us help you.

Rest assured, along with sending only the best temporary employees, we ensure that all candidates possess the following:

  • National insurance/tax details
  • Valid work visas
  • Valid passports
  • Copies of any applicable certificates within the industry
  • The experience and attitude required to meet the needs of your assignment

Register a Temporary Position

If you would like to fill your temporary position with a carefully selected employee sourced by Spa & Beauty Connection, please contact our Temporary Recruitment Consultant by email at michelle@spaandbeautyconnection.co.uk or by telephone at + 44 (0) 7792 770 490.