The Recruitment Process


Before any of the juicy details get addressed, a Spa & Beauty Connection consultant will visit your job site in order to investigate how your business functions. Ranging from basic operation to your exact needs, the consultant will take note of many things such as the working environment your employees get to enjoy on a daily basis as well as what they feel the key skills would be to succeed in the workplace. If an on-site visit is not possible, the consultant will take a more distanced approach and conduct research from our very own office.

Strategy Formulation

Now that we know a little bit more about your business and your needs, our job becomes determining the best strategy for you. Based on our many years of experience in the industry, we will have a look at how we can choose the best candidates for the position as well as how we can do so in the shortest time frame humanly possible.

Agreement of Specification

This step comes when we have hammered out all the preliminary details. After we have had a discussion with you on what your options are, Spa & Beauty Connection moves forward with proposing a job description for the position you are looking to have filled. From there, we will do all the legwork for you in regards to finding the initial candidate pool.

Handling Replies

At this stage, we have received a large selection of candidates in response to the job advertisement we placed. The consultants assigned to your business will handle all correspondence with applicants and we will contact any candidates that appear as though they have the potential of being a good fit for your company. Our priority with initial correspondence is to confirm qualifications, skills, and ensuring a basic communicational fit.

Candidate Evaluation

Before any CV’s get sent to you, our consultants will have already interviewed the candidates to pay special attention to the more complex details of both the candidate and whether or not they are a potentially good fit for your company. During our interview with the applicant, we typically run through their qualifications and skills once more before asking them questions that we feel are relevant to the exact position you’re filling. In other words, we try our best to filter out any candidates that would clearly not fit within your team dynamic. Our interviews last approximately one hour and they are held either at our offices or at an agreed upon location that serves both our conveniences.

Shortlist Preparation

At this point we have looked over dozens of applications and we have now begun the process of shortlisting the candidates we feel hold the best shot of meeting your needs. When we have compiled a small list of our carefully investigated choices, we deliver their CV’s rewritten in an easily readable format that you can look over for your own approval.

Client Interviews

Once you have selected the candidates that interest you, we make arrangements between you and the candidate to hold an interview. If you desire, you can meet these candidates at our offices. We respect that companies may have their own interviewing process and we are completely invested in debriefing both you and the candidates after each step.

The Offer

The final stage of our recruitment process is the offer. In this final stretch you will have selected a candidate that you feel has impressed you the most after your interview. We work closely with you on how the job offer should be structured and we play a critical mediator role in assisting with client-employee negotiations.