How we work

Finding the right fit for your team is an incredibly difficult process that often takes dedicated effort from your employees in order to root through the dozens if not hundreds of applications you receive to each job posting. Great employees protect the longevity of your business. Good work, phenomenal customer care, and unwavering loyalty all combine to make a pretty good business into an incredible business. We bring these great employees straight to you without all the fuss.

Spa & Beauty Connection is more than a job board. We pride ourselves on our rigorous interview process for anyone that chooses to register with us as a candidate. Before you ever hear from us we’ll have already identified key skills, relevant experience, and compatible aspirations with dozens of potential applicants. By utilizing our services, you will never receive a boatload of irrelevant names and CV’s but instead you’ll receive a carefully selected dossier of talented professionals that we know will add top notch value to your business.

Our reputation within the industry has allowed us to work with destination hotels, health and fitness clubs, day spas, health farms, product and equipment companies, hotel leisure clubs, quality salons, and leading leisure facility operators while maintaining a consistent quality of candidates. The highest level of service is our guarantee to any client whether they are nationally based or found internationally. Everyone in our core has worked in the spa and leisure industry themselves, giving you the ease of mind that yes, we really do know what you need and where you’re coming from.

What we can do for you doesn’t quite end there. Building lasting relationships with our clients is of utmost importance and our services include more than recruitment. Our experience and involvement in the industry opens the door for us to provide you with salary benchmarking for internal promotions or salary reviews, information about the industry and how it is developing, as well as access to any recruitment related services.

If you’re looking to discuss permanent or temporary UK job postings in the spa and beauty industry:
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